Housing Banff




A Place to Call Home

The Town of Banff’s economic prosperity – and our quality of life – relies on a strong, healthy community.

Housing is an essential part of that.

Without safe, clean, affordable places to live, our residents will struggle in their daily lives. In the 2017 Resident Satisfaction Survey, Banffites said the most important issue facing the community was affordable housing.

The Town of Banff is currently in the pre-design stage of building housing on 145 to 155 Cave Avenue. This includes initial engineering work such as geotechnical investigation, slope stability analysis, site survey, tender designs and public consultation.

Now, we need your help.  Please take a look at the preliminary information provided here and then complete the survey. It will be shared with the housing team, council, and the selected architects.


Why Cave Avenue?

The Town of Banff and Parks Canada have been working together to address housing issues in our community. In December 2015, Parks Canada agreed to transfer the leases of 14 lots to the Town at a significant discount – 90% below the assessed market value. All the lots are within the town boundaries.

Those included lots on Coyote Lane and on Cave Avenue. They were made available only to the Town of Banff on the condition we develop affordable rental housing for Banffites. Under those same conditions, the land cannot be resold, and the units built on it must remain rentals in perpetuity. We also must build multi-unit developments – single family homes are not permitted under the terms.

The lots are located at 145 to 155 Cave Avenue, just past Sundance Road near the Cave and Basin National Historic Site. The lots are empty, within the town boundaries, and on a residential street, making it a suitable place to develop housing.


Why Housing?

Creating new rental housing with affordable rents is about developing homes for Banff’s residents. We want Banffites to have the option to move out of crowded or unsafe rentals.

Who will live there?

As with all housing in the Town of Banff, residents must meet Parks Canada’s eligible resident requirements to live inside Banff National Park.

What Will It Look Like?

The Land Use Bylaw guides how any new development will look. We can get a good idea of designs and styles by what's already on Cave Avenue.

Estimated Timeline

An estimated timeline has been developed for all aspects of this project. Timelines could change due to any step in the process, but this is a general idea for future actions.

Ti'Nu Apartment Complex

Ti’nu is a 131 unit apartment complex on Coyote Lane. The Town officially broke ground in April 2017 and it’s scheduled to be ready for occupancy by the summer or fall of 2018.