Initial Information

January to May 2018

This website is part of the initial outreach process, seeking feedback from the community. As we move forward, there will be a public open house to show further details.

Site Survey, Geotechnical & Slope Stability Analysis

November/December 2017

This engineering work was approved by council in early September 2017. It needs to be completed prior to any design being developed.

Council Determines Project Specifics

February/March 2018

This will be done at a public meeting of council. A report will outline potential project specifications, and council can approve, or make changes.

Expression of Interest Issued. Architects and Builders Shortlisted

February-April 2018

After the scope of the project is determined, the Town will issue an Expression of Interest to architects and builders with what housing the community is looking for on Cave Ave. The Town's housing team will then shortlist applicants who will submit a design-build proposal. 

Design Development Process

May/June 2018

The design of the apartment complex is formed during this time, taking into account public feedback & input from the Town's housing team.

Council Approves Costing

July 2018

Council will receive a report at a public meeting on the cost of the project, and will decide if they will approve the cost of the project.

Environmental Screening. Submit Development Permit Application

July-September 2018

This lengthy process is to ensure all environmental regulations are met for construction. The complex will need to complete a Development Permit Application and meet those requirements.

Municipal Planning Commission Review

August-October 2018

The Municipal Planning Commission will review the design details at a public meeting. The commission can approve the design as submitted, or request changes be made. 

Development Permit Issued, If Approved

October/November 2018

If the Municipal Planning Commission approves the project, a Development Permit will be issued. 

Building Permit Process

November/December 2018

All new projects require a Building Permit. This is part of ensuring the building will meet safety codes, and Alberta building regulations.

Construction Starts

Winter 2019

If the estimated timeline doesn't change, construction could begin before the end of 2018. A comprehensive construction plan, and communication plan with neighbours, will be in place prior to any shovels going in the ground.

Building Occupancy

Spring 2020

If construction remains on schedule, Banffites could be moving in to this new building on Cave Ave. by the spring of 2020.